All Maps in One


Building high-definition maps for indoor venues & managing all maps in one portal


  • Manage 2D costmap and 3D point cloud map in our central place

  • Version control for each map

  • Edit map directly on the site and save automatically

  • Add/update mark points, paths and blocking areas online as metadata of the map

  • Download map and metadata via our API in seconds

  • Generate 2D costmap from 3D point cloud map autmatically

  • Access public maps

  • Share maps among team members with different permissons (coming soon)

  • SDK package to integrate our service easily (coming soon)

  • ROS1 & ROS2 intergration package (coming soon)

All Maps in OneΒΆ


New Features / Issues

We want to hear more from you, no matter what you want us to add on our site. Please tell us!

You could raise new wanted features or issues on our doc repo, here, or you could just email to We will follow up and make the site better.