Generate Map Management

Upload 2D/3D Maps

  1. Register an account on our portal site

  2. Click create_map button on the left side of home page.

  1. Upload your 2D or 3D map on the uploading map page.

    3.1. If there is no building which you are looking for, create a new one. :)

  2. After uploading, you will see your maps at home page.


Show maps in different ways

Toggle or select different display styles. The Group Show will display all version of a map in a row. display_btns

Private / Public Maps

Currently, we only support private and public, two modes.

  • private maps could only be viewed and edited by your-selves.

  • public maps could be viewed by all users on our site. All users could add their own mark points/paths/blocks.


More than 2 modes - More Permission Control

The Google Doc liked map sharing permission control is under developing.

After deploying the new version, you could share the specific maps to others with view / edit permissions.


Toggle private / public

  1. Click into the map details page at home page.

  2. Click private_toggle toggle button on the left side of the map details page to set map as private or public.

Map Version Control

We support different versions for the same map. There are two ways to upload new versions.

  1. Go the map details page, and click upload button on the right side upload_btn. You only need to upload new map costmap or point cloud. (recommended)

  2. create_map - Create the new map with same name and same building. Our system will make the new map as new version automatically.

After uploading several versions for a same map, you could see the version links versions at top of map details page. Clicking each one to view details.